Bolshe (en)

Logo de Bolshe (App Store)

Logo de Bolshe (App Store)

I think that a good way to start my new blog is talking about the iOS app we published some days ago with Ariel Cardieri.

This is our first great experience, accompanied by all those emotions that entails, entering the field of mobile development. And we get very pleased to have achieved a first step in this new world. From the beginning, since we started to devote full time to development for iOS, we have gone through a series of stages and learning that have allowed us to grow in this area… It is clear that we still have far to go.

Going more in detail, the goal we had when dealing with this project, as a whole, was mainly achieved through all the necessary steps to carry out our own product. We care much about learning of having to think each step, from conception of the idea to achieve publication.

What Bolshe is?
Bolshe is an iOS app for now, that allows you to publish your products on social networks through a simple process.Take a picture of the product. Add a description and price. Then choose which social networks you want to use. Simple.

Example of an image.

Example of an image with Bolshe.

In this version we focus on simplicity. Instead of forcing the users to signup for a new account or follow a complex process to publish, we let them use two of the biggest social networks known today: Twitter and Facebook. We will keep adding more social networks in the future. Stay tune.

For those who have iPhone and want to try and leave us a feedback of the App are welcome and thankful ! Once again, I share the link to bolshe (App Store)


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